Saturday, March 28, 2015

Short day today (March 22nd)

Today, we checked how our planted seeds were doing. Our cabbage and broccoli starts that are being grown at home are a bit lanky so it still needs a bit of time before transplanting. However, it looks like the some mesclun seeds did survive after the pasta incident. They're planted on the left hand side of Bed 9.

The arugula (on the right hand side of Bed 9) seems to be sprouting better.

A bit of good news - we found a healthy worm!

We also found that our friend, the rampant mint has somehow travelled from Bed 2 to Bed 14, our flower bed! I hope it doesn't prevent the calendula we planted last week from sprouting! We'll be having lots of mint!
Next week, we'll be putting in some peas!

Another productive day at the garden (March 15th)

It was a cloudy, slightly drizzly day but we had a good turnout of people at the garden. We fertilized all our empty beds with some Gaia Green All-Purpose Fertilizer to provide the beds with a good boost of nutrients.

Sybrena, Rhys & Marie were busy setting up our cold frame. I brought plastic that was covering a couch I had bought - I knew I was saving it for something!

Our mesclun and arugula have started sprouting though we had a little nasty surprise when we got to the garden. The bed with the salad greens is beside the bench and we found this in the bed!

I guess someone either spilt their lunch or decided the garbage bin was too far away?? Anyway, we scooped it out and threw it in the garbage. There were a lot of wireworms and I'm not sure if they were attracted to the pasta or what. Hopefully some mesclun seedlings survive.

We planted more flowers: Lemon Gem marigolds and cornflowers in front of bed 4, alyssum in Bed 3.5, calendula in the flower bed and Late Spencer Blend sweet peas in Bed 6. Our watermelon radishes have gone to flower since last week but we're leaving it in for the bees and to save seed.

Some volunteer lettuce showed up, two to be exact! We decided to plant some radishes among them and broadcasted 3 kinds of radish seeds (China Rose, Sparkler White Tip and French Breakfast).

 This was also the bed with sweet peas in the back so we moved the trellis over and covered it with our cold frame.

We also broadcasted some yu choi and gai lan seeds in Bed 7 and transplanted some "Winterberry" variety of strawberries in with our existing ones.


More to come next week!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 8th: Off to a good start!

We had our very first garden meeting today and got to meet a bunch of new and keen volunteers.

Our watermelon radishes from last year seem to be doing quite well.

The raspberry canes are finally tied up - let's hope the vinyl wire holds! The yew hedge was trimmed and we removed lots of ivy growing around the raspberry canes though I'm pretty sure they'll grow back in no time at all. :(


The weather has been sunny for the last few weeks so we're hoping that we've seen the last of the spring frosts. Because of that we decided to plant some stuff and hope for the best. We planted some broad beans with our existing kale since kale is a heavy feeder.


We also seeded the back of a bed with some sweet peas of the variety Blue Celeste and Lipstick. These pretty flowers are close to our blueberry bushes to attract pollinators. In the same bed, we also broadcasted two varieties of arugula (Italian & Adagio) as well as two varieties of mesclun (Curly Cress & Westcoast Market Blend).

While we were planting, I noticed 2 crows lurking about and I sure hope that our seeds survive. I think they were eyeing our broad beans! Let's hope we see some sprouts next week!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Come join us on March 8th @ 10am in the garden

We're kicking off our season on Sunday, March 8th at 10am in the garden. This will be a chance for new and old volunteers to meet each other. We're also having a small work party to get the garden ready for planting and planning what we will be growing for this season.

Here's what the garden looks like now but it'll be fabulous come this summer! If you're interested in joining us on March 8th, please email Everyone is welcome!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Garden Update August 24

Good turnout at the garden today ......

Finally a few bush beans to harvest ...... these were planted much to close together which makes picking rather difficult, and it appears russet mites may have arrived

Last bed of potatoes  harvested - French Fingerling and Russian Blue - missed taking a pic of our harvest!!

the pole beans just did not fare well this year - lack of water combined with russet/spider mites damage resulted in almost no harvest - so time to clean up the trellis

the cleared potato bed made room for more fall planting - this time we filled the bed with Bloomssdale spinach, Pac Choi, Nappa Cabbage (Little Jade), Yu Choi Sum and Gai Lan (Green Pearl); fall is the best time to start Asian Greens with the cooler weather - this prevents the plants bolting and going to seed very quickly


a few tomatoes - rodent issues of late are impacting our harvest ... while kale and chard continue to provide the bulk of our harvest

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 17 Fall Fast Approaching

Rather short on volunteers of late, but two of us managed to make the garden today ...... really good to see lots of seedling growth thanks in part to the rain we finally had!! No amount of hand watering seems to quite match a good rainfall!!

A few pics, first up our Honey Bear squash -

 the Lacinato kale continues to provide great harvests - hmm.... almost time for some kale chips
cabbage transplants, three types of radish and mesclun mix fill the bed; the watermelon radish (middle row) has a very different leaf form!! 

more lettuce/mesclun mix will soon provide baby greens for stir fry and salad - and the Sugar Ann snap peas are starting to flower!!

still more to seed - this week additional beet seed was added to our beet bed - hoping for better germination; spinach sown among the strawberries and some moss curled parsley under our blueberry bushes

this summer has been so amazing with "hot" (at least for the coast) temperatures and little rain - the tomatoes are loving it - many of the larger varieties are well in to their ripening phase ...... this pic shows mostly Maglia Rosa - amazing texture and flavour when picked at first blush 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 3 - Time for Fall/Winter Planting

We did a lot of clearing and sowing in the garden today - a quick summary:

Bed 1:  bed cleared, not much harvested from previous sowings - too dry?  Replanted with Nantes Coreless and Nutri-Red carrots, now just to keep them moist until germination

Bed 2:  portion of bed cleared and seeded with Kohlrabi "Kolibri" and scallions

Bed 3:  baby cabbage transplants added, in addition to three rows of radishes:  German Giant, Watermelon and French Breakfast;  it is recommended the Watermelon radish be planted for fall harvest

Bed 9:  our Sugar Ann snap peas are coming along but remaining seeds did not germinate, so mesclun seed mixes were broadcast sown:  Renee's Quick Stir Fry Blend, Wine Country Mesclun and WCS Provencal Mix

Bed 5 is looking good and providing plenty of chard and kale - two of the best long term crops you can grow

Here's a link to West Coast Seeds Fall/Winter planting guide -

Herb Bed gone wild

and our harvest:  chard, kale potato onions, very small leeks, onions and some wonderful sweetpeas

Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 27 Major Clean Up

A big THANK YOU to all those able to help with the clean up  .........
and a few hours later - off it goes

our new composters should keep the rodents at bay

maybe we'll even get to harvest some beets this fall ...... Red Ace, Cylindra and Beet Blend fill in the bed vacated by our potatoes

the squash bed is really filling in 

and the garden beds overflow with potatoes, kale, herbs and bush beans

a portion of today's harvest

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 20 - Weather Back to Normal

Just through a two week hot spell and the squash and nasturtiums are loving the weather - have a look at the baby Luongo zucchini

our new compost bins have arrived - a big thank you!!
Sugar Ann peas are up but nibbled leaves are evident ........ even the carrots managed to sprout in this heat with intermittent watering!!  no parsnips showing yet though

the assorted green beans look lush (and over crowded) but only three wee beans to be found ........ hopefully next week we will have a crop -

the harvest ...... beautiful dahlias, fragrant sweet peas, baby squash, chard, kale, potatoes and lettuce - although the lettuce is likely finished as milky sap was evident on harvest